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Deutzia, Slender
Deutzia gracilis, ‘Nikko’
Fine-textured shrub suited to the small garden (2’ tall, 5’ spread) and makes an excellent ground cover. It is a rapid grower with abundant small white flowers starting in late May and burgundy-colored...
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Dogwood, Cornelian Cherry
Cornus mas, ‘Golden Glory’
Cornus mas ‘Golden Glory’ (Cornelian Cherry Dogwood) produces a show of vivid yellow flowers from mid-February through March. ‘Golden Glory’ is an excellent small deciduous tree, growing to 25’...
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Dogwood, Hybrid
Cornus, ‘Rutban’ Aurora®
Cornus ‘Rutban’ Aurora® is a vigorous hybrid that offers hope for Dogwood lovers. A white-flowering, non-fruiting selection from Rutgers University’s breeding program, this cross is more resistant...
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Dogwood, Hybrid
Cornus, ‘Rutlan’ Ruth Ellen®
Cornus ‘Rutlan’ Ruth Ellen® is a non-fruiting product of the Rutgers University’s Dogwood breeding program. The flowering bracts are more distinct than Aurora’s and rest on a low-spreading Cornus...
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Dogwood, Hybrid
Cornus Venus™,
Cornus Venus™ (Dogwood) An improved dogwood hybrid with superb resistance to anthracnose and powdery mildew, Venus™ explodes in early spring with large, 6” pure-white blooms with green centers....
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Dogwood, Redosier
Cornus sericea, 'Silver and Gold'
Cornus sericea ‘Silver and Gold’ (Redosier Dogwood) is named for its yellow twigs in winter and white-variegated leaves in summer. This shrubby dogwood will grow to 7’. It masses nicely, and...
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Emerald Pagoda Snowbell
Styrax japonicus, 'Sohuksan'
Styrax japonicus 'Sohuksan' (Emerald Pagoda Snowbell) A distinctive form of the Japanese snowbell with a superior plant habit, large glossy leaves and very large fruit. Its large white flowers...
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English Ivy
Hedera helix, 'Buttercup'
Hedera helix ‘Buttercup’ is a versatile English ivy with colorful foliage, excellent as a ground cover or trained to climb. New leaves are bright yellow-green, later turning butter yellow. Mature...
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Enkianthus, White
Enkianthus perulatus, ‘J. L. Pennock’
Enkianthus perulatus ‘J. L. Pennock’ represents the first distinctive selection of this plant for spectacular and early purple-to-red fall color. Spring brings white flowers to this pest- and...
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Osmanthus heterophyllus, ‘Goshiki’
Osmanthus heterophyllus ‘Goshiki’ is a holly-like evergreen shrub with unique colorful leaves. The new growth is pink-tinged, maturing to green with splashes of cream and gold. ‘Goshiki’ blooms...
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