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'Rising Sun' Redbud
Cercis canadensis, 'Rising Sun'
Cercis canadensis The Rising Sun™ (Cercis canadensis ‘JNJ’ PPAF) is a novel addition to the native eastern redbud roundup. Small-but-showy rosy orchid flowers climb the naked branches in early...
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American Sweetgum
Liquidambar styraciflua, ‘Slender Silhouette’
This is a very narrow low-maintenance cultivar of the underused American Sweetgum tree. Unlike the species, ‘Slender Silhouette’ produces little fruit (those brown spiky orbs) that, when dropped,...
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Arborvitae, Green Giant
Thuja, ‘Green Giant’
Thuja ‘Green Giant’ (Green Giant Arborvitae) has a wonderful habit for use as an evergreen screen or specimen plant. Reaching an ultimate height of 75’ with a spread of 12’-20’, this tree has...
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Beauty Briar
Eleutherococcus sieboldianus, 'Variegatus'
Eleutherococcus sieboldianus ‘Variegatus’ (Beauty Briar) Variegated Beauty Briar is an arching, elegant deciduous shrub. Its green fan-like foliage, with creamy white edges, is notably the best...
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Callicarpa dichotoma,
Callicarpa dichotoma (Beautyberry) is noted for its clusters of striking lavender-colored berries in September. A deciduous shrub, 3’ to 5’ tall with graceful layered branches, it grows rapidly,...
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Birch, River
Betula nigra, ‘Cully’ Heritage®
This River Birch is a superior clone with larger, glossier leaves than the species. It is a fast-growing medium-size multistemmed tree, reaching 40’ to 60’, with an oval to rounded habit, nice...
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Bloodtwig Dogwood
Cornus sanguinea, ‘Midwinter Fire’
This large deciduous shrub spreads by suckers, producing a dense clump. In the fall, its green leaves turn greenish-purple and then drop to reveal extraordinarily beautiful stems. These stems...
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Buxus sempervirens, 'Vardar Valley'
Buxus sempervirens ‘Vardar Valley’ is a deer-resistant evergreen shrub that grows to 3'high by 4'wide in 15 years. A handsome addition to the foundation or perennial border, its blue-green foliage...
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Boxwood, Hybrid
Buxus, ‘Green Velvet’
Boxwood evokes images of stately gardens of yesterday. Buxus ‘Green Velvet’ is one of the best choice for today’s gardens. Growing to 3’ with a 3’-4’ spread, ‘Green Velvet’ is easily maintained...
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Buckeye, Bottlebrush
Aesculus parviflora,
This Buckeye is a low-maintenance deer-resistant shrub whose large white summer flowers are set against a bold texture. Growing to 12’ with a width of 15’ in moist soil, it prefers partial shade...
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